Beaches of Ischia



In July – August (in the tourist season) it is best of all to choose a beach with a light refreshing breeze, for example, Maronti beach in Barano or San Montano San Montano beach in Lacco-Ameno.  In August almost all beaches are overflowed, and from the middle of June and from the beginning of September beaches aren’t overflowed. 

San Montano beach (Spiaggia di San Montano):

Very beautiful sandy beach with a tremendous view of the sea. This beach in May, June and September when the sea is quiet is especially beautiful. On this beach it is possible to be engaged in various water sports, also there works the special center for children. Entrance to the sea is smooth that is important for travelers with children.

Maronti beach (Spiaggia dei Maronti):

ischiaIt is the biggest beach of the island of Ischia, is three kilometers long and is located in Barano.  Usually on this beach there are always a lot of people, but even in tourist season it is possible to find couple of cozy places on it.  It is easy to reach it by a taxi, by bus or from the sea on the taxi-boat.

On its territory there is a place where volcanic gases come to an earth surface.  Sand in this place has more high temperature.

Near the beach there are a lot of cafes, restaurants and bars. Entrance to the sea is sharp; children should carry supportive applications for swimming and to be under supervision of their parents.

Citara beach (Spiaggia di Citara):

poseidon_ischiaThis beach is situated on the territory of the well-known thermal park of Ischia- “Poseidon Gardens”.   The beach big is equipped by all necessary (chaise lounges, chairs, little tables, mats, umbrellas).  Is ideally suited for families with children (on the territory of “Poseidon Gardens” there are also pools for children and “splash pools” for the smallest) 

San Francesco beach (Spiaggia di San Francesco):

Another one sandy beach with some restaurants nearby.  Entrance to the sea is different:  it is necessary to know places, where it is sharp, and where it is smooth.

Lido beach (Spiaggia del Lido):

The beach begins in Ischia Porto and comes to the end at Ischia Ponte.  During the high season it is almost always overflowed.

Pescatori beach (Spiaggia del Pescatori):

It was a favorite place of fishermen earlier.  The beach is sandy and it is suitable for families with children, but in July and in August is also overflowed.

English beach or San Alessandro beach (Spiaggia degli Inglesi):

Small beach with good equal sand between Ischia Porto and Casamicciola, about 800 meters in length.  It is almost unknown to tourists therefore even in peak of a season it could be not overflowed. 

Cartaromana beach (Spiaggia di Cartaromana):

It is located in the south from the lock of Ischia. It is possible to reach it on foot from the settlement center San Michele or by a taxi or on the boat. This part of the sea is loved by divers. In August it is always overflowed.

Sant’Angelo beach (Spiaggia di Sant’Angelo):

Suitable months of visiting this beach – May, June and September. The beach is suitable for children, only in some places deep difference in the sea is not gradual.

Cava Grado Beach (Spiaggia di Cava Grado):

ca192e0138f0aab021716f5665b4ebd0d3b19107It is a small beach, which is well- known generally only to local people. The coast is sandy. Usually there are many waves.

Sorgeto bay (Baia di Sorgeto):

782c784f7e5ceb075e70f809b7929993896a0c91It is an interesting place for fans of thermal procedures. Perhaps, only here it is possible to be bought absolutely free of charge in thermal waters on the island as in this bay the thermal water comes directly in the sea. Sand in a bay isn’t present, only rocks. Therefore it is necessary to be careful as it is very slippery.


Average air temperatures

January +12ºС, February +13ºС, March +14ºС, April +15ºС, May +19ºС, June +22ºС, July +24,5ºС, August +25ºС, September +23ºС, October +21ºС, November +15ºС, December +12ºС.

Average water temperatures

January +14ºС, February +13ºС, March +14ºС, April +15ºС, May +18ºС, June +21ºС, July +24ºС, August +25ºС, September +23ºС, October +21ºС, November +18ºС, December +16ºС.