About the island of Ischia

iskyaThe island of Ischia is the biggest volcanic island of Italy in the Bay of Naples.    It is located near such islands as Capri and Procida. The island is fantastically beautiful and quiet. Ischia is suitable for family holiday with children and for people loving sights, as well.   Also the island is known for the medical thermal sources and production of thermal cosmetics on their basis.   

    Beaches on the island are different; there are some private beaches, rented by hotels or by thermal parks, and some public: all pure and beautiful, some of them are with thermal water.  Near almost every beach there is a restaurant or a cafe where it is also possible to hire an umbrella or a plank bed for beach.   As the island of Ischia is divided on some villages, in each of it there are their own beaches, for example, in Ischia Ponto there is Cartaromana sandy beach, in Forio:  San Francesco and Sorgeto, where, the hot thermal spring flows directly into the sea and, for example, in Barano:  Maronti- it is the biggest beach of the island (3 km long). Some parts of the beach are used in the medical purposes because of existence of geysers on its territory. 

  ischia_castello As for climate, an optimum season to visit the island is the period from the end of April to the end of October.  Average air temperature in this period 25 and water temperature is +23 degrees.    

  How to reach the island? There are ferries from Naples, or from the neighboring island of Capri.  

    For shopping fans there are also many different shops on the island and Naples with its shops and sights is only in 40 km from island away. You need only an hour to reach Naples on the ferry.

   On Ischia you can take public transport – buses- the “right” one and the “left” one (one plies clockwise, and another against). The round trip of the whole island on the bus will take 2 hours and a half. At stops it is possible to find their schedule. It is also possible to hire the scooter (obligatory to ride it with a helmet) that is very convenient.