About Naples


Naples is the capital of the Italian region Campania.  The city population officially makes 1.200.000 inhabitants, together with tourists and with illegal immigrants about three million. Because of the warm climate, Naples is always popular among tourists even in the winter. But the best season to visit this city is May and June, and also the period from the beginning of August tills the end of October.   

059bf2b2bbfb1e8df225c038bc7f0cf4Naples is a very attractive southern Italian city with the seaport in the Neapolitan gulf.

Its unique location near the Vesuvius, the soft climate, centuries-old history, and also numerous sights attract tourists from all over the world.

871-naples-italy__неаполь-италия_6Near Naples are located such cities as Pompeii and Herculaneum with great monuments of antique history and also it is possible to make an excursion to Vesuvius from Naples, to the only active  volcano on the European continent.

From Naples you can also reach some island by the sea: the islands of Ischia, Procida and Capri, and also such cities as Sorrento, Palermo (Sicily) and Cagliari (Sardinia).  

Napoli_o_gdoThe old city of Naples is under the protection of “UNESCO” . Under the city are located the ancient catacombs, the part of them is open for tourists. In the old city the true culture of Neapolitans is brightly visible: the small markets, noisy small streets and culture monuments – all this creates the unique atmosphere of the city.

Being in Naples, by all means it is necessary to taste pizza as, it thought up exactly here!  The various Neapolitan cuisine offers different types of pasta and many variations of fish and sea products. Traditional drink of the city is Limoncello, (lemon liqueur) and, certainly, for the Neapolitans coffee is a very important drink. 

800px-Napoli-galleria_umbertoThe one who loves shopping should also visit Naples! In the local markets it is possible to find many qualitative goods at the favorable prices. Of course in the city there are also numerous boutiques of famous world brands and some local designers, shoe shops and antique shops.

Unfortunately in Naples there are some minuses, as well as in every big city: it is necessary to be attentive in all public places (in transport, at the station, the market, in crowded streets) as there are a lot of pickpockets. It is better to carry valuable things “closer to your body” – inside pockets on your clothes, instead of bags.