Shopping in Naples


Naples is a true paradise for shopping:  fashionable clothes, footwear and leather products of any kind at rather favorable prices.  1346272517_neapolshopping2 In the historical center of Naples there are numerous places with various shops, first of all some little shops with the Neapolitan and Italian delicacies and souvenirs.   On small streets of the historical city you can find local delicacies, beautiful pottery and Christmas handmade figures.  

Main shopping streets:

Via Toledo

umberto-gallery-naplesVia Toledo is the longest shopping street in Naples.  On it there are located a lot of boutiques with fashionable design clothes, and also branches of famous European brands.

Via San Gregorio Armeno

If you are interested in antiquarian goods or in handmade things, you should walk through the center of old Naples.  On San Gregorio Armeno Street there is a set of antique shops, and also stalls of ragmen.  To reach this street you can use the subway to Piazza Dante station.  

Via Scarlatti in the Vomero quarter

Vomero’s quarter is located on the hill from which opens a beautiful view of the city.  On small  streets in this quarter there are many various boutiques with fashionable clothes and footwear.  It is possible to reach there by subway to Piazza Vanvitelli station or by taxi.

Shop working hours:

imagesIn Italy shops work according to the special schedule:  Monday through Saturday from 9th morning to 14, then they make a break and work again from 16:30 to 20 o’clock. 


When you are at the market or in a crowded street it is necessary to be attentive and careful. Often swindlers sell the stolen or counterfeit goods in the streets. Also beware of pickpockets!